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  • Ted Radio Hour & Scottlo

    The Ted Radio Hour was an intro to I believe a Ted talk episode. Presumably about how humans can interact with social robots if they don’t know about the robot part. The recording switches between the narrator who introduces the characters and describes the situation, and the main character who gives her reactions to said […]

  • Audio Storytelling

    Upon watching Ira Glass’ guide to storytelling, I can now utilize the techniques and structure that the story should follow. In the video he tells us about how different a story is in audio versus film or through reading a book. He says we should be constantly raising questions and answering them as we go […]

  • Week 3 Daily Creates

  • Story Time

    The main assignment for the week was to create a story through just audio. I’m not normally comfortable with talking to other people in person. I’m a lot better at talking to them over text and phone calls. But for some reason this assignment was actually hard for me to do my talking portion of […]

  • All the Relaxation

    This assignment is very similar to spooky season. I was tasked to combine sounds that make me feel relaxed. Obviously I put some soft waves in it. Who thinks waves aren’t relaxing? With that aside. I used some relaxing music to go with it. Overall I think it turned out pretty great. I got my […]

  • Spooky Season

    I know October isn’t for a few more months. But I’m in a Halloween kind of vibe right now. I love Horror stories and films. I didn’t use to, trust me I was traumatized by Prometheus when that movie came out. But as you experience other less “disgusting” horror films, you begin to realize just […]

  • Chrome Music Labs

    I have played around with this application a little bit many years ago. Didn’t think it was really interesting as there are way better music production software out there. But it’s a good introduction to some of the instruments and note groupings. The application is so simple that even a five year old can understand […]

  • Vignelli

    As a part of our weekly assignment, we are to read and reflect on the Vignelli Canon. This article or post is about the life and work of Mr. Massimo Vignelli. He was one of the best modern designers in history for his time. His most popular work was his design of New York’s Subway […]

  • Week 2 Design Assignments

    For this week we had to do 5 design assignments for a total of 12 stars. Here are my 5. This design assignment was for a motivational poster. The story is that everyone starts out small, but grows overtime tapping into what truly makes them special. This design assignment was worth 2 stars and here’s […]

  • Week 2 Daily Creates