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  • Designblitz

    For this weeks main assignment. My classmates and I were tasked of taking more photos that satisfy a certain category of design. We were tasked to pick four of the ten categories listed below. Color typography metaphors/symbols minimalism & use of space form/function/message balance rhythm proportion dominance unity The four I choose are color, typography, […]

  • Draw It Assignment

    For this week’s assignment, My classmates and I had to do 3 daily creates and around 4 to 5 visual assignments. Visual assignments are like editing photos, and making gifs. I have all of those on my Week 1 summary page. This blog post is gonna cover just the Draw It assignment that was required […]

  • Image Scavenger Hunt

    For this week, myself as well as my classmates were tasked with taking multiple pictures that satisfy certain criteria. We would have 15 minutes to try to take pictures that we think satisfy the criteria. There are 15 subjects in total. I’m assuming one picture can’t satisfy 2 of those subjects at the same time. […]

  • Introductions Are at Hand

    Greetings everyone. This is my first post on this site, and it most certainly won’t be my last. This post is just meant to be as an introduction to the DS106 community otherwise known as the digital storytelling community. I’m excited to take this opportunity to learn more about the art of telling stories through […]