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  • Vessel, How I did it.

    So for This assignment, I had to come up with a plan. The plan went through many different ideas and good options that I could’ve gone through with. I choose to do a spin off of the main story from the game Hollow Knight. I love that game’s story and just everything about it inspired […]

  • Vessel

    The Grey Prince looked down at his subjects with pride and joy. He was happy to fight along side his fellow bugs and void vessels. They were beings created from the void down in the abyss. They were made as a weapon to use against a growing infection. A parasite like hive mind, that took […]

  • Week 4 Comments

  • Movie Clip Analysis

    The clip I choose was the Joker pencil trick scene. Analyze The Camera Work In this scene going just straight off of the camera work. There’s not much going on with the camera it just moves back and forth between the characters who are talking. At the beginning of the scene we see the Joker […]

  • Reading a Movie

    Ebert describes many different ways movies can draw in an audience. In the beginning of the article, Ebert talks about the sessions that he does every afternoon. He watches a movie with an audience and stops the movie whenever someone says “stop”. They talk about what’s currently happening, different techniques the director, actors, visual FX […]

  • Week 4 Daily Creates

  • Week 3 Comments

    I haven’t gotten many comments from people. The one that did stand out to me was one made by Dylan Wilson. The other comments just had the normal “nice job with a little criticism. But this one express an idea, which immediately caught my eye. I fully agree that our generation is just used to […]

  • Moon Graffiti

    This story is very good. It consistently makes you feel like it’s an actual TV show or cinema. The terminology used by the astronauts make you think that they are actual astronauts. An unexpected event occurs that makes the spaceship malfunction and supposedly killing the crew. The story pans to a news broadcast of some […]

  • Ted Radio Hour & Scottlo

    The Ted Radio Hour was an intro to I believe a Ted talk episode. Presumably about how humans can interact with social robots if they don’t know about the robot part. The recording switches between the narrator who introduces the characters and describes the situation, and the main character who gives her reactions to said […]

  • Audio Storytelling

    Upon watching Ira Glass’ guide to storytelling, I can now utilize the techniques and structure that the story should follow. In the video he tells us about how different a story is in audio versus film or through reading a book. He says we should be constantly raising questions and answering them as we go […]