Chrome Music Labs

I have played around with this application a little bit many years ago. Didn’t think it was really interesting as there are way better music production software out there. But it’s a good introduction to some of the instruments and note groupings. The application is so simple that even a five year old can understand what’s going on.

I looked through the different instruments and tried to make synth work out. Unfortunately I didn’t like the sounds the notes produced so I just went back to good old Piano. I got a good rhythm by doing basically a step ladder approach. go up a few notes and then back down. I also through in some highs mixed with some lows for some variety. I am by all means not a music producer and I don’t I ever will be. So take this song with some grain of salt as it’s probably not even that good. I think it’s alright and it satisfies the assignment requirements. I’m happy with it. Here’s the link to the song.

The assignment is worth 3 stars.

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