Draw It Assignment

For this week’s assignment, My classmates and I had to do 3 daily creates and around 4 to 5 visual assignments. Visual assignments are like editing photos, and making gifs. I have all of those on my Week 1 summary page. This blog post is gonna cover just the Draw It assignment that was required by everyone to do.

So basically the assignment is to take a picture and edit it in a way that the photo looks drawn. I’m pretty bad at editing photos. So instead of using photoshop or GIMP, I googled for a online website that could convert it. From there I just uploaded the photo I wanted to be changed, and then downloaded one of the many different drawn styles that I think looked the best. Now onto the story.

I’ve been playing Xenoblade Chronicles X a lot recently. It’s one of my favorite games, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is coming out pretty soon. So I decided to go back and replay through the game. I have almost 200 hours in the new save file I created, and I just beat the main story like 2 days ago. The picture I took is of one of my favorite Skells / Mechs in the game, the Ares 90. Its truly amazing how much time I spent trying to gather all of the materials necessary to craft it. And now I just have to beat every superboss in the game.

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