Moon Graffiti

This story is very good. It consistently makes you feel like it’s an actual TV show or cinema. The terminology used by the astronauts make you think that they are actual astronauts. An unexpected event occurs that makes the spaceship malfunction and supposedly killing the crew. The story pans to a news broadcast of some sort telling us that Neil Armstrong will be resting in peace on the moon with his co-pilots. The audio transitions to a much clearer voice most likely being the narrator who gives the introduction to the podcast name known as the truth podcast.

The narrator explains that that news recording was planning and recorded just in case Neil Armstrong and his co-pilots never made it back home. He then explains that everything about this mission was untested and that failure and mistakes could’ve easily occurred.

The story then goes back to the characters trying to establish communication with their Houston but it’s to no avail. They check their readings and assess the situation by checking the ship. one of them reports that the frame is intact and that the latch is open. They take a camera and record pictures of the crash. Some ominous music plays in the background as they check the ship. The story revolves around their journey of living on the moon before their deaths. They try everything, but it’s of no use. The astronauts accept their fate and think on the future of humanity. The story replays the message that was given on a news broadcast signifying that they are stuck there and that this outcome could’ve happened.

This is the version that I listened to.

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