Movie Clip Analysis

The clip I choose was the Joker pencil trick scene.

Analyze The Camera Work

In this scene going just straight off of the camera work. There’s not much going on with the camera it just moves back and forth between the characters who are talking. At the beginning of the scene we see the Joker walking in and the camera is behind his left shoulder, acting like he came in with someone else behind him. The camera also shows the Mob in the background as he walks in. The characters talk and it looks like someone gets mad and tries to stand up to the Joker. Joker stands up and reveals a lot of grenades under his jacket. The camera focuses on the grenades mostly with the Joker off to the side a bit before focusing on his thumb which has a wire going to one of the grenade pins, ready to be pulled at any moment.

Analyze The Audio Track

The scene starts off with someone laughing, most likely the Joker. The Mob isn’t happy, one of the guards gets up and tries to restrain Joker, but Joker put his head onto his pencil and says “Tada” as the pencil most likely is in the guy’s skull now. The Mob isn’t happy to see him, but one side of it wants to hear him out. The Joker explains that Batman is causing a real problem for the Mob and wants some money from them as they take him out. The angry guy gets up and starts yelling at the “clown” Joker makes a pun about pulling the grenades. and then leaves. The last thing we hear is the door closing.

Put It All Together

When we play it out perfectly fine, we can see just how tense the situation is for the Mob. Joker isn’t worried at all, and is calm about the situation. And proposes that they need to work together to kill Batman. Some one says, “If you’re so good at it then why not do it yourself.” The Joker responds “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” Joker demands for half of Batman’s bounty from the Mob, and the situation gets even more tense for the Mob.

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