Spooky Season

I know October isn’t for a few more months. But I’m in a Halloween kind of vibe right now. I love Horror stories and films. I didn’t use to, trust me I was traumatized by Prometheus when that movie came out. But as you experience other less “disgusting” horror films, you begin to realize just how great they are. I loved “the Conjuring” series. And I just really want to show that I love spooky things.

This assignment was a bit different as I had to take 4 or more sound clips and combine them to make a spooky audio clip. So I got my sounds off of Freesound as the assignment did say I can use sounds from there. I got four clips and began placing them into Audacity. At first I didn’t know how to add multiple sound files to one Audacity file. So I had to google that. Then I was able to manipulate exactly where I wanted each segment to go. I had one atmosphere audio playing out through the entire clip. Then I had the three other segments play one after another. I didn’t want to much sound clutter. so I just kept it to two audios playing at the same time, no more no less. The assignment was worth 4 stars.

Razer finds himself lost in the city (don’t worry this happens a lot). He asks a kind looking man for directions to the nearest subway station. The man gladly tells him to go south and then east after 2 blocks. Razer thanks the kind man and walks towards the station. The man stares an awfully long time at Razer as he walks away.

Razer turns the corner and sees the subway station. He enters and registers for the subway heading north east. Razer waits patiently for about 20 minutes or so. He sees something or someone move out of the corner of his eye. He turns and sees no one is there. Curious, he checks around the corner that leads up the stairs to the entrance.

“Hmm, must have just been my imagination.”

He turns back around and heads back to his seat. The train finally arrives and Razer gets on. He stands and holds on to the pole as all the seats are taken. He glances outside the door as it shuts. The same man is standing right outside of it. Not saying a word, just standing and staring at Razer. Then Razer hears something, the man is saying “YOU!” really long and really loud. but no one else heard it. Razer’s ears begin to ring and it’s clear that no one else saw the man at all.

“Was it just a hallucination” he thought to himself.

“I need some sleep”

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