Story Time

The main assignment for the week was to create a story through just audio. I’m not normally comfortable with talking to other people in person. I’m a lot better at talking to them over text and phone calls. But for some reason this assignment was actually hard for me to do my talking portion of it. I wrote down my story so then I’d have the script to read it while recording. When it came down to the actual recording of my voice; I was surprising nervous and shy. I guess it’s because consciously I know people are gonna be listening to it? But regardless I still tried my hardest to tell a fictional story of how the continents could have been formed. This assignment was worth 3 1/2 stars.

One response to “Story Time”

  1. I think our generation has become accustomed to reading/talking through text. I also felt kind of strange doing these audio assignments, and ending up making “scripts” to make my story telling flow better. Interesting to hear that you and I had that same issue.

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