Ted Radio Hour & Scottlo

The Ted Radio Hour was an intro to I believe a Ted talk episode. Presumably about how humans can interact with social robots if they don’t know about the robot part.

The recording switches between the narrator who introduces the characters and describes the situation, and the main character who gives her reactions to said situations in the story.

The story is of how the main character does research on technology to further improve the quality of life here in the real world. The plot goes on to describe that an elderly women in a retirement home is the subject they’re doing research on when it comes to how she reacts to be with a robot baby seal. Obviously the elderly women doesn’t know it’s a robot. The elderly women surprisingly gets along with the seal and even acts happier around it. Not only that but the seal was surprisingly social and happy with kids at a hospital as well. The main researcher even got depressed because of it as she had now found a breakthrough with her research. I don’t know why she got depressed but she did.

Scottlo has done a sort of podcast type of audio journey for the DS106 community. He also performs many different techniques to convey a story in the podcasts. Like in episode 8 of the “Lo Down” he has sound affects that make you feel like you’re in a shed in the woods with your dog. You can actually hear the dog running up to you and breathing. It just makes me feel so immersed. He also has some music in there sometimes like at the beginning of the episode.

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