Vessel, How I did it.

So for This assignment, I had to come up with a plan. The plan went through many different ideas and good options that I could’ve gone through with. I choose to do a spin off of the main story from the game Hollow Knight. I love that game’s story and just everything about it inspired my take on it. Obviously I left some parts out so I wouldn’t be making this super ridiculously long story. I really wanted to touch up on more of the war between the void and the infection.

So I wrote down sort of the story that I was gonna go with. I was gonna have the main character fight other bosses. But I choose the ones that made the most sense in terms of the storyline. For the picture, I actually have a Hollow Knight jacket and the nail is the zipper, so i took that off and planted it in the ground in front of one of our rock beds which has a stone castle decoration on it. Which was very fitting for the story as it shows both the beginning and the end of the adventure in one photo. The next picture is a detailed map of the game’s location. I included this so the readers can keep up with where we are in terms of the world. as well as a map for the main character to look at in the start of the journey.

Next up I decided to do some Boss fights. 2 Hornet boss fights, 1 Broken Vessel boss fight and one Hollow Knight boss fight. I decided to just write the boss fights for the Hornet and Broken Vessel fights and include a short audio clip from the soundtrack in the game. Hornet’s music is actually there for her first fight. And I decided to use Nosk’s theme instead of Broken Vessel because it’s more terrifying and gives off the meaning that the infection is an actual threat a lot better than Broken Vessel’s theme does. For the Audio clips I did trim them down to only include the climatic part or the part in the song that I think is most impactful.

And then for the Hollow Knight fight, I decided to actually fight it and record my gameplay of me fighting it as the Vessel. Since it’s the climatic part in the story I wanted to show off exactly the way the characters move and interact with each other. I used OBS to record my game as I played it. It did take me a couple of tries as I’m not the best at these boss fights.

The music is not mine and will never be mine. I give full credit to Christopher Larkin for the excellent soundtrack and I give credit to Team Cherry who actually developed the game.

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