The Grey Prince looked down at his subjects with pride and joy. He was happy to fight along side his fellow bugs and void vessels. They were beings created from the void down in the abyss. They were made as a weapon to use against a growing infection. A parasite like hive mind, that took the form of a moth god. It was known across the land as the Radiance. It lives as an infection in the real world, but as the moth god in the dream realm. That was a long time ago and the kingdom is slowly falling to ruin under the infection. The void beings are resilient against the infection. but most of them have either already died or are still trapped in the Abyss.

One nameless void being has escaped and has been wondering around for a long time. It finds a nail perched into the ground. An ancient sword like weapon for many bugs and void beings.

The Vessel sees a castle in the background as he grabs the nail. He makes his way to a nearby town called Dirtmouth. There he finds a detailed map to follow directions.

The Vessel follows the map down, and tries going different ways but is blocked. So it decides to go to Greenpath. The Vessel sees someone. Someone like him, someone would might be another void being. The Vessel follows but is soon confronted by the mysterious being. The person talks and the Vessel now knows that it isn’t another void being. The character begins to freak out and starts attacking the vessel. The Vessel quickly pulls out its nail and begins blocking the oncoming attacks. The Vessel feels a sense of urgency and determination throughout the fight.

The two continue to exchange blows, but the mysterious character is defeated and runs off after telling the vessel her name, Hornet. The Vessel comes across a dead vessel in the middle of the arena and picks up a mothwing cloak. Allowing the Vessel to dash to access new areas.

The Vessel begins to wonder a bit not sure exactly where to go. It finds Hornet again at the entrance to the city of tears. Hornet tells the vessel to seek out the edge of the kingdom if they wish to save this world from the infection. Not quite sure what that means or where the edge is, the Vessel continues to wonder aimlessly. It makes it’s way down to the Ancient Basin and follows a trail of infection. The vessel is soon trapped in a room with a dead corpse and a metric ton of infected cysts. The Cysts burst open and little creatures start gunning it for the Broken Vessel. The Infection takes over and attacks the Vessel. It’s movements are not natural and it is unpredictable. This is the first time the infection has been proven to be a real threat towards the Vessel and this land.

With the Broken Infested Vessel defeated, the Vessel moves on and finds the Monarch wings, An item that increases jump height so the Vessel can get around easier.

The Vessel thinks about what Hornet said and searches around for this Kingdom’s edge. The Vessel eventually finds it sees Hornet waiting. She wants the Vessel to prove itself that it is the one she can trust with this task. The Vessel fights Hornet again. But this time is different, She’s a lot faster and has a few tricks up her sleeve. The Fight goes like the first one but then she starts to throw out spike traps all over the arena, preventing the Vessel from moving in certain spaces. This doesn’t discourage the Vessel any one bit. And they still come out victorious. Proving themselves worthy to Hornet. Hornet allows the Vessel to take the Kings brand, a mark of royalty, and tells the Vessel to seek out its brothers and sisters in the Abyss, below the Ancient Basin.

The Vessel arrives and dives deep into the Abyss. He is standing on a floor of dead vessel corpses. Their shades come up from under the piles and begin attacking the Vessel. Was it a trap? No it Can’t be. The Void doesn’t recognize the Vessel. It knows what it needs to do. He keeps the shades at bay and finds a pool of void in a cup that a statue is holding up. The Vessel gets in and becomes attuned with the void. The void transforms his mothwing cloak into the shade cloak. allowing the Vessel’s dashes to go through attacks and even enemies. The shades stop attacking as they realize that the Vessel is one of them. The Vessel walks around some more and finds the entrance to the White Palace. The palace halls are filled with infested cysts. The guards and citizens are all infected and attack the Vessel. The Vessel runs until he meets one of his Brothers. A fully mature Vessel, tall and slender. Infection has gotten a hold of him too. and He’s been chained up, almost like he’s the containing something. The Vessel’s nail sparks a pink/orange color when near the chained up vessel. The Vessel breaks the chains and releases its brother. The two bring out their nails and the Hollow Knight starts attacking.

Upon defeating him, he dissolves back to be one with his other brothers and sisters, he dissolves to be one with the void again. The infection is released and appears the Radiance in the Knight’s absence. Will the Vessel be able to defeat the Radiance and the infection as a whole? Find out next time.

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