As a part of our weekly assignment, we are to read and reflect on the Vignelli Canon. This article or post is about the life and work of Mr. Massimo Vignelli. He was one of the best modern designers in history for his time. His most popular work was his design of New York’s Subway map. He made it simpler to read and understand exactly where people would be going. This design for subways and other metros would be used everywhere. Another one of his greatest designs was the “Stendig Calendar” He made a very simplistic modern looking calendar for people to use. He’s also made some of the most used Font types in the world.

This man was a legend to aspiring designers and artists. He really knew how to make people understand complex things by making them easier to read. He made letters bigger and pop out of the background more. I can easily respect his work and dedication towards design and I can look at his work and be inspired to make something better. I have a long journey ahead of me though, better to start now than to start later.

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