Week 2 Design Assignments

For this week we had to do 5 design assignments for a total of 12 stars. Here are my 5.

This design assignment was for a motivational poster. The story is that everyone starts out small, but grows overtime tapping into what truly makes them special. This design assignment was worth 2 stars and here’s the tutorial I followed.

This next one is from the Post card from a magical place design assignment. The task was to take a fictional place and make a post card for it. I choose Mordor cause it’s from my favorite series, The lord of the Rings / The Hobbit. This assignment was worth 3 stars, so now I currently have a total of 5 stars. Here’s the tutorial I followed.

This one is for the Cartoon You design assignment. It’s where you take a photo of yourself and turn it into a cartoon version of yourself. Well out here on the internet, I use my Fursona. He and I are basically the same person, and I just feel more comfortable with expressing who I am through him. This assignment was worth 3 1/2 stars. so now I’m at 8 1/2 total stars. Here’s the tutorial I followed.

This one is for the “Big Caption” design assignment. You take a photo and add a word or phrase to change the meaning of the picture. For this one I choose Tom Hanks’ Big. One of my favorite films of all time, and added the 10 best quotes. He has fantastic lines during the film, as well as during Forrest Gump, and Toy Story. This assignment was worth 1 star. so now i’m at a total of 9 1/2 stars.

Lastly we have the “Are we there yet” design assignment. This one was required for my whole class to do. Basically I need to get some new Xboxes a few days ago, and went to target to them (I know that’s not the best place to get them, but they are still getting sold out really quickly). I took an existing target marketing picture and inserted the Xboxes I was looking for at the time. This assignment was worth 3 stars and brings to a grand total of 12 1/2 stars. I went a little bit over the required 12, but that’s fine. Here’s the tutorial I followed.

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