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The other video assignment that I decided to do was the “Make a top 10 or ranking video” assignment. In this assignment I was to take something that I’m passionate about and rank movies or songs in an order based on my opinion. This assignment was worth 5 stars.

So I utilized a website that allows you to make tier lists ow characters, movies, you name it. And I love Star Wars, so I searched for one that had the movies. I ended up doing the TV shows as well, which I’m not too knowledgeable on. I’ve watched the movies and I’ve played most of the video games. I have played through Jedi: Fallen Order which was an amazing game, and I’ve played all of the battlefront games, yes even the old ones for the classic Xbox. I go into further detail on why place the movies where they are in the tier list and I compare some of the movies if they’re really close like 5 & 6, and 8 & 9.

For the shows I place them where I think they should be placed based on other people’s feelings (as well as my own based on how far I got into it as of right now) towards the show because I haven’t finished any of the shows. I am a prequels fan. and I always will be. Those movies have more entertainment and better lightsaber duels than the classics but I do have mad respect for the classics. The classics were more story and character based as well as more blaster fights. While the prequels were more action based and focused more on the war aspect of star wars. And the sequels? we don’t talk about those. We keep them where they belong. underground, locked away in a safe. They weren’t that bad but the fanbase was really furious with them that Disney’s Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are rumored to be erasing them from the canon and remaking them. This is good news hopefully. I don’t know why Disney didn’t use the material that George Lucas left behind for the sequels when he sold them the IP.

Anyways, sorry for the long rant, here’s how I did the assignment

  • went to tiermaker.com
  • found one that was created for the Star Wars movies and shows.
  • recorded my screen and talked into my mic for around 8 and a half minutes.
  • uploaded it to YouTube.

Oddly enough I was a lot more comfortable with talking in this video than I was last week for the audio assignments. Probably because I was distracted talking about a franchise that I love.

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