Week 1 Final Assignment Summary

This week was pretty hefty. Lots of work to do. It was kind of hard for me to juggle it all with the other 2 classes I have to take in tandem with this class. But I got it all done, And I’m gonna reflect on all of the assignments that were assigned.

First off, The photo scavenger hunt. I already went into detail in the blog post for it. But upon completing it, I realize how bad I am at taking photos. Obviously I was on a time limit, and the things in my basement aren’t really beautiful like flowers are or views from the top of a mountain. But I will definitely work to make my average at best photos look better.

Next up, The Daily creates. These were pretty simple and fairly fast to do. But they were actually really fun. A nice introductory to image editing and just views on topics that I never would have thought about. The only thing that I wasn’t sure on was in the assignment instruction. It says to do 3 daily creates, but then right afterwards, says to do 2 and then says to embed all 3 into my summary post here. So just to be safe, I did 3 daily creates. Here they are.

Finally, we have the Visual assignments. We had to get a total of 10 stars and most assignments give you 2 to 3 stars each. including the Draw It assignment which gives you 2 stars. so the other assignments have to add up to 8 stars. I did The “Say it like the Peanut Butter” which is 3 stars. I did the “An Album Cover” which is 3 stars. And lastly I did the, “Troll Quotes” which is 2 stars. For a total of 8 stars excluding the Draw It assignment which gives me a total of 10.

For some reason Gifs take a long time to load. And I can’t put it out here as a file to download because it says it’s too big, even though it’s only 1MB. So I’m just gonna explain my gif. it’s a scene from Star Wars Episode 3. Where Anakin and Obi-wan are flailing their sabers around themselves and failing to make contact with each others saber.