Week 1 Midweek Assignment Summary

So far, this class has been a blast. I’ve never really had a website class before, and I’m most likely gonna take advantage of what I learn from this class and apply it after this class ends. Setting up the domain wasn’t hard, installing WordPress was super easy. I did have to make a few social media accounts. I didn’t have a Flickr or a SoundCloud account. I also contemplated why we needed a SoundCloud account when the video media included sound clips. But I think I understand now. Sometimes stories are told through just sound, like songs without a music video. It’s really fun making videos for people, and sharing some interesting pictures with the world. And I can’t wait to see what stories I can come up with, and not just tell you about them, but show you. There was a statement that a Math Professor told me. “It’s more important to show, and not tell.” It’s kind of like the difference between listening and understanding. I want to make people understand my stories and not just have them listen to it. I want them to get the meaning behind it. But as it stands currently, I’m just a novice to all of this. We’ll see how much I improve over the coming weeks.