Week 2 Assignment Summary

This week we went over design categories and how they can affect / impact the outcome of a picture or film. It’s quite fascinating how much thought and trials directors and photographers have to put into their work to get a message across to the audience. Most people don’t see or understand the message sometimes, but it can be quite clear based on body language, text, colors, or even voices and the tone behind them.

The design blitz was really fun and really got me thinking like a photographer. I had to make decisions on which photos I wanted to include and which take of that object looked the best. I go into further detail behind what I did in the design blitz if you want to check that out.

As far as that goes, We had our weekly Daily Creates and Design Assignments to do as well for the week. You can also check those out if you want.

I feel like I’m forgetting something. Oh yeah Vignelli. We were tasked to read and reflect on the “Vignelli Canon” which I get into further detail in my blog post.