Week 5 Assignment Summary

For this week, we had a final project. To make a story using all media types that we have learned over the course of the semester. Vessel is my story that I want to tell to people. It has Visual, Design, Audio, and Video media woven into the written story.

This story was really hard for me. I went back and forth between multiple ideas. I was lost and i had other things to do for other classes. I had many assignments due this week and finals to think and study about. So I didn’t really have the time until after finals to really think about this assignment. I think I did the best that I could with the idea that I went with in the allotted time that was given.

I learned a lot so far this summer. I learned a lot about personal financing, world geography and Digital Storytelling. I learned how to weave media into written stories and I think books should do this more often. or maybe instead of writing books, the author can just create a digital story. They are a lot more entertaining than just reading a bunch of words on a page. There’s like a divide between storytelling. You have books, and you have movies. They are really popular, and they’re different sides of the same coin. Why can’t we just blend the two together more often?

If I were to take this class over again I would change my work on the assignments, I would do what all the feedback suggested and just try to get better at telling stories through media. It’s hard to do that now a days as people won’t get your meaning behind certain stories unless you give context and describe what the author is getting at. Wow I’m starting to sound like a High School English teacher. I’ll just leave this here for now and post links to the story and how I did it.


Vessel, How I Did It